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“It’s the most powerful console ever made.” And yes, also rather pricey: 9, or 0 more than Sony’s own 4K-angled box, the Play Station 4 Pro, which debuted last November.But if the battle in the 4K graphics space is currently about chasing enthusiast wallets, Microsoft is positioning Xbox One X as a box that justifies the extra outlay with raw specs capable of delivering much more than Sony’s product to videophiles and 4K connoisseurs.Microsoft’s claims about the popularity of backward compatibility are a bit vague, but it’s hard to imagine the company wasting time and money getting nearly 400 Xbox 360 games to work with the Xbox One without a solid business case.

The game, which appears to blend elements of , but then it was a show designed in part to impress by deluging.If the narrative around the Xbox One and Play Station 4’s debut in 2013 centered on the Play Station 4’s superior specs, today’s show was Microsoft taking the ball back.Xbox One X will also make existing Xbox One games look better and load faster, uses a liquid-cooled vapor chamber to tame its doubtless nutty thermals (a first for a console) and still somehow winds up being the smallest Xbox console the company’s made, including the Xbox One S.For Xbox, gaming’s future looks like much of its past, wherein players thrash, shoot and brutally skewer stuff.Some of this is doubtless the marketing need to cast Xbox One X in its most rambunctious light, but there was a sense of conceptual blur about the roundup that I worry fuels the (deeply mistaken) narrative that games are just boisterous toys for power fantasists.

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