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Some said that they felt exposed to new ideas and concepts about their personal and professional lives.

One reported, “It didn’t feel like my normal mode of thinking.

During the study, researchers gave 12 subjects DMT and then interviewed them about their experiences.

In contrast to an ayahuasca journey, which can last for many hours, the subjects who took straight DMT reported that the trip began immediately, peaked within two minutes and was finished in half an hour.

In the two decades following the studies, research on other psychedelics has gradually picked up and the public is just starting to gain awareness of their efficacy for treating various sorts of mental disorders.

The DMT study, although not focused on therapeutic effects, cracked open the door to government-sanctioned research.

“I recognized the importance of my work for the future of American psychedelic studies, and I wanted to make certain that it was performed in broad daylight,” the scientist said in an interview with .

One person under the effects of DMT said, “I tried closing my eyes but I saw the same things with my eyes closed as I did with them open.” Others described vivid visions such as, “’a fantastic bird,’ ‘a tree of life and knowledge,’ ‘a ballroom with crystal chandeliers,’ human and ‘alien’ figures (such as ‘a little round creature with one big eye and one small eye, on nearly invisible feet’), ‘the inside of a computer’s boards,’ ‘ducts,’ ‘DNA double helices,’ ‘a pulsating diaphragm,’ ‘a spinning golden disc,’ ‘a huge fly eye bouncing in front of my face,’ tunnels, and stairways.” At the end of the journey, most subjects said they still saw geometric patterns overlaying their normal field of vision.

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Among the most powerful of the entheogenic substances that allow humans to bypass our egos and catch a glimpse of the divine is dimethyltryptamine, better known as DMT.

DMT is the main active ingredient in ayahuasca, the psychedelic substance traditionally used for spiritual ceremonies by people native to the Amazon.

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