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Temperatures range from 70 to 90 ˚F (21 to 32 ˚C), and tend to be lower at night and up in the mountains.Year round trade winds take part in ensuring the sub tropical climate. Rainfall is abundant along the north coast and in the highlands, but light along the south coast.Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20 as a major hurricane with very high winds, torrential rains, and hazardous sea conditions.

Fewer than 20 percent of Puerto Ricans speak English fluently, according to the 1990 U. Even in tourist areas of San Juan, employees at fast-food restaurants generally have a somewhat limited comprehension of English.That said, as anywhere, it's respectful to make an effort and try to learn at least the basics of Spanish.Average Puerto Ricans appreciate efforts to learn the most widely spoken language of their territory, and most are more than happy to help you with your pronunciation.The United States passed Law 600 giving Puerto Rico authorization to create and approve its own constitution, with the United States Congress approval.The relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico is known in English as a "commonwealth".

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