Islamic personals dating turk

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This was done to protect women and minors, as Islamic marriage has no legal binding status.

However, the Constitutional Court nullified this law in May 2015.

Although the practices of taking multiple wives and marrying younger than 17 are illegal, there is no law that forbids religious marriage known as imam nikahi (marriage by the imam).

An all-male panel debates whether Muslim men are free to observe their religion in Turkey, with two guests criticizing restrictions on polygamy, on the pro-government TV channel Kanal A, June 18, 2016.Most of them turned down our request to talk, claiming they did not wish their names to be associated with the four men on the TV show.Polygamy is a particularly taboo issue in Turkey, but the experience is more common than most people realize.As participants discussed social media posts during Ramadan by those who do not observe the fast and how provocative the commentary is about Muslims, their discussion generated furious and amused reactions on social media.Several tweets and news from left-wing media outlets labeled the commentators bigots and perverts.

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