Is ross wilson still dating elliot

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Ross has sex with Charity Sharma, as she is intent on making estranged husband Jai Sharma jealous.

He is seen on occasions with a woman called Laura Atkinson, and Ross' lodger Debbie Dingle's daughter, Sarah becomes fond of her.

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Laurel struggled to get over the attack and attempted to discover the identity of her attacker.Cain tried to force Ross to leave at the earliest opportunity but Moira soon realised that Ross was James Barton's boy, and therefore her nephew, whom she had not seen for around twenty years after James and her late husband John Barton fell out.Moira allowed Ross to stay at Butler's Farm until he recovered, leaving Cain feeling uneasy.Laurel realised she wasn't scared of him anymore and that he would have to wait for his money to be paid back in the way that the courts had agreed.Having nowhere to stay, Moira once again put Ross up, not knowing that Ross was still being harassed by one of the drug dealers from the previous month.

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