How to know if we are dating

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However, if anyone refers to me as his girlfriend in front of him, the colour drains from his face.

When I asked him if we were going out properly he just said he ‘wasn’t there yet, and wasn’t even sure if he wanted a serious relationship.’ “I don’t want to push it as I have a really nice time with him.

They’ll end up with women much more nurturing and patient than I, who realised that all they needed was a bit of time and gentle guidance.

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Maybe that’s a bit dogmatic but everyone’s got to draw a line somewhere.I always have to be really pushed into making it more serious – but that’s just the way I am, it’s nothing personal.” I’m not sure I buy this – how would his (lucky, lucky) girlfriend feel if she heard him saying, outright, that he hadn’t been too fussed about her when they got together, and that they’re only together now because of her tenacity?The thing is, you can make any excuse you like when you really fancy, or even love someone.Or maybe I’m just particularly unlucky when it comes to men.A survey carried out last year by dating website ‘Seeking Arrangements’ found that most couples tend to say ‘I love you’ after 14 dates – or seven weeks (the average number of dates per week was two).

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