Dating wardrobe chest

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Keys for these trunks are difficult to make and difficult to find.

The three most common locks for the antique trunks were designed to accommodate barrel keys, flat keys and corrugated keys.

Other metal is cleaned and repainted or coated to prevent rust.

Wood is sanded when necessary for a smooth finish and has several coats of finish, ending with a hand-rubbed durable satin gloss tung oil finish (the finish preferred by professionals for fine antiques).

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a sleuth who succeeded where others failed by employing systematic powers of observation and inference.

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Both light oak veneer with metal finishes and in good condition. Size height 186 cm, width 68 cm, depth 50 cm Matching chest of drawers 5 drawers.Locks can be helpful in identifying the trunk manufacturer and age of the trunk.The mechanism of locks on later trunks became more complex.used it to mean a lavatory, and for some time it signified not a piece of furniture but a room or apartment; in medieval England, for instance, the king’s wardrobe was the centre of a good deal of administrative machinery.The actual piece of furniture in which clothes were kept was originally known as a press, and at quite an early date its division into two parts—one for hanging garments, the other for laying them out flat—became established.

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