Dating a weed dealer

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She then told me, at length, about the “new” ideas she was having concerning marijuana and spirituality.

She said she’d realized that the way to communicate with the Holy Trinity was through getting stoned, and then outlined a complicated method of accessing God through prayerful toking.

The funny thing was, she was acting like she was privy to these amazing ideas no one had ever had before, and was getting all excited about sharing her religious message with a spiritually deprived world. It’s called Rastafarianism.” The last girl I was in love with was a pothead. I once dated someone who would smoke a couple nights a week.

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He had a motorcycle, and sometimes when I was too lazy to walk to class, would give me a ride across campus.

I send him out to the grocery store with a list that reads, “Salmon, portobella mushrooms, cous-cous, lemons, and cilantro.” An hour later I’m wondering why he’s taking so long since the store is five minutes away.

When he finally arrives home, I see twenty bags of groceries and only lemon juice and frozen salmon from the list. uh, just meeting up with some people.” Me: “Can you give me any of kind of time estimate? When you’re in a good relationship, people always want to know how you met, probably because they think you have the magic formula to lasting love.

One day she came to my house to pick me up and started recounting this amazing experience she’d had on the drive over.

Apparently, an angel had formed in the clouds and had spoken to her.

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