Cocoa main loop updating django validating form data

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During this phase, while all of the set-up and initialization of state occurs, concurrency is undesirable.

This is because if there were concurrency during the set-up phase, the results could be different for each run of the program.

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For things (like Elliot mentions) such as Coroutines (of which there is an implementation which just requires a scheduler/event loop), Promises, and other language level constructs that would be great to add to Haxe - and things that require updates like Timers and Sockets - The would be a welcome/required addition - however I think it needs care to not be too heavy handed or invasive if it even is possible to straddle both of these.

For example, I notice h3d has its own asset system - but does this cover audio?

If so, then it is more than "3d", if not then the user will need something else as well.

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I'm assuming that before the "Main Event Loop" starts, there is no concurrency.

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