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“That’s how I came up with the idea,” he says, “to find the last way to stay invisible in a public space in Antwerp.” Inghels set out to map an entirely camera-free path, which he eventually named “The Invisible Route.” In modern urban life, surveillance is essentially a given.Although worldwide figures are difficult to ascertain, the most CCTV-heavy cities, including Beijing, London, and New York, have thousands or even tens of thousands of active cameras trained on public spaces.These puppies are going to fly off the virtual store shelves, so definitely check it out while you still can.

Either way, you’re getting unprecedented value and impressive quality in a surprisingly compact package — the Wyze Cam is smaller than a tomato!Other contemporary camera map projects aim to stay up-to-date, so that people may avoid cameras or seek them out to feel safe (or to do performance art), or simply to keep people aware of their presence.—exists only in static form, as a piece of paper that reflects one moment in time. “It’s about a time and a world that doesn’t exist anymore…(As of 2013, Britain had about one camera for every 14 people.) Proponents of the systems argue that ever-watchful mechanical eyes help law enforcement catch perpetrators, and serve as a crime deterrent.Skeptics counter that blanket video surveillance doesn’t actually achieve these aims, and that such systems are ripe for abuse.

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