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Job contains much repetition and some passages that are difficult to understand.Be sure to use a study Bible that will give you some help.God does not answer those questions but rather, in two speeches, assures that the created order is God's domain and that humans cannot know and do what only God can do; so, in the meantime, the best thing to do is to trust God to handle the unknown. Conclusion and Epilogue (Job 42)In verses 1-6, Job seems to accept his limitations and even to feel sorry that he has overreached in his effort to know what humans can never know.The exact interpretation of these verses is not entirely clear. 7-17), written in a narrative style similar to the prologue and usually regarded as a continuation of the basic story that set the structure for the present book of Job.The book of Job could well emerge from such a time of questioning.

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The book of Job asks us to look beyond blame, accept ambiguity and uncertainty, and trust God for what we cannot see or control. The book is not history, but a literally timeless story and a series of enduring dialogues that address theological questions that forever elude simple answers.But the natural flow is broken by the speeches of a new, younger counselor named Elihu.Elihu speaks for six chapters with no response from Job.Were the ancient promises of God's love and protection no longer valid?Whose fault was it that king and temple were destroyed and many sent into exile?

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